5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dashboard Camera for Your Car

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Dashboard cameras or dashcams are pretty much becoming a norm amongst car owners these days. According to the Singapore Police Force, there has been an increase of 1.9% for traffic accidents and 12.5% for fatal accidents for the first quarter of this year, as compared to the past year. With the increase of road traffic accidents, getting a dashcam for your vehicle would not be a bad idea as it adds an extra layer of security and assurance, in the case of witnessing or getting involved in a traffic accident (crosses fingers).

Contrary to popular belief, getting a dashcam installed is not as expensive as you think. Prices start from as low as $110 and can go up to $500 with higher end features such as, ‘surveillance mode’, integrated smartphone app and GPS.

If you’re not convinced why you would need a dashcam in your car, here’s why you should have one installed now!

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So You Want My Trade: Car Mechanic

In the job world, there will never be a shortage of demand for skilled workers: be it a handyman, plumber, chef, crane operator, bus captain, electrician, or a car mechanic. For some, becoming a mechanic could be their childhood dream – filled with nostalgic memories of watching their family members working on cars, thus dreamed of pursuing the trade. Some may have been inspired by watching movies, Fast and Furious or Formula 1 mechanics at work, that portrayed fabulous mechanics. Others may just be mechanically-inclined, love hands-on jobs, or curious about how engines work. Hence, we tasked ourselves to unravel the reasons to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

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4 Tips to Prevent Car Breakdowns & Help Assistance

When you’re driving and your car decides to give you a flat tire or flash all kinds of warning lights on the dashboard or getting involved in a car accident (yikes), it’s never good news and one should be prepared to face the worst. As much as we wouldn’t want it to happen, facing a breakdown is inevitable and is part and parcel for most car owners.

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22 Points Checklist

torque 5 22 points checklist

**Infographic depicts additional pointers that are being reviewed during a car maintenance check!

We always pride ourselves in giving every car, the best care. For car owners who like to know more about what Torque 5 car maintenance services enhances of, do take a look at our checklist below:

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Top 3 Most Common Causes for Vehicle Breakdowns in Singapore

Every driver who owns and has driven a car for a least 3-5 years would have experienced an unfortunate breakdown. No one wishes for their car to breakdown, it’s a nerve wracking situation to be in, especially if your breakdown is the cause of an accident involving others.

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Is your mechanic scamming you?

Taking care of your car is important for safety, efficiency and its longevity. As newer cars these days are becoming more complex with high-tech gadgetry and onboard computers, you shouldn’t ever force yourself into fixing a problem if you don’t know exactly what’s wrong. When in doubt, take your car to a mechanic with proper training and tools to have it checked out to see what’s going on and save the frustration.

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